3 things you must absolutely sort out on your grind

masculinity Apr 08, 2023
3 things you must absolutely sort out on your grind

The number of things you can accomplish on your grind is monumental. There are so many different ways to start and so little time to achieve it all. For that reason, there are 3 things you must absolutely sort out on your grind.

These three things will build a powerful foundation for you to expand upon. By taking care of these first, you are making it easier for you to succeed in the future,

The men who struggle in life are the ones who don't take care of these things at all. They completely ignore them thinking that they're not necessary.

Nothing could be further from the truth. These 3 things you must absolutely sort out on your grind are necessary for an easier life.

1. Physical & Mental Health

Before anything else, living creatures have their minds and bodies. It makes sense to think that taking care of both would make life so much better. Despite this, modern culture actively encourages you to neglect your physical & mental health rather than nurture it. This is the root cause of so many people's dissatisfaction.

For whatever reason, we prioritize everything and anything over our physical & mental health. Whether it be worrying about others' feelings or fat "acceptance", we neglect the most fundamental parts of our being.

A strong mind can only be housed in a strong body, and a strong body will lead to a strong mind. Having a strong healthy body leads to a longer life, while a strong mind leads to less stress.

Nothing else gives as much of a dividend toward quality of life (except excess money) as having a healthy body and a resilient mind. But because the modern day encourages people to be mediocre together, nobody feels good about becoming better because they don't want to offend others.

As a man, your life can only be as amazing as you are; if you allow yourself to be mediocre, then your life will be mediocre. What better way to start the journey than with something that is in your control?

The path to becoming amazing starts with physical and mental health, the most fundamental parts of being alive.

2. Identity/sense of self

How many people do you know that actually don't fit the mold? As in, they're unique enough to stand out naturally? This is mostly lost in our day due to the homogenization of behavior. In order to actually fit in with society, you need a spot to fit into. This isn't possible if you don't stand out.

As ironic as it sounds, you can't fit in if you are no more unique than the guy you sit next to in class. Obviously, everyone is different, but that's not what I mean.

Too many men these days follow the same behavioral patterns; they're simps, they're sex-starved, they want to avoid hard work as much as possible, and they are focused on making the lives of others better rather than their own.

There's nothing wrong with improving others' lives, but at least do it in a way that is somewhat different.

On one hand, most guys do things because they were raised to behave that way. They behave a certain way not because they want to, but because it's how they're conditioned to behave.

On the other hand, it's impossible not to have at least some overlap with others in terms of similarities in behavior. Don't stress about being 100% unique.

Having a strong sense of self simply means you who know you are and you stay true to that. Having a fleshed-out identity makes progress so much easier because you know where to go.

In order to go far in life, you need a strong identity to stick to for yourself as a guiding star.

3. Social Skills

Think now about somebody you know with phenomenal social skills. Chances are people love being around that person. As humans, we are social creatures and nothing makes people want to be around you more than when you know how to be social. 

The root cause of our lack of social skills starts in childhood. With innocent rules like no talking to strangers or raising your hand if you want to say something.

Because of rules like these, we end up with socially awkward adults who keep to themselves and have no friends.

Good social skills are vital to the quality of your life. Social skills apply to so many social situations.

From negotiation to connection, having good social skills allows you to communicate with others in a way that has them actually liking you. Social skills don't just apply to conversations.

When you take the aforementioned root cause of our lack of social skills and combine it with how we've been taught to offend nobody's feelings, you get people who are scared of making conversations interesting or fun out of the risk of making people hate them.

Good social skills also include knowing who to include in your social circle.

The sooner you learn this the better: you can't please everyone. Start with yourself, then include the people who share your sense of humor. Those are the people you want to please.

Those who don't mesh with you are the ones you don't put effort into. Leave them to their own devices while you hang out with the people you enjoy being around.

One important aspect of life, whether you intend to have a lot of friends or not, is good social skills; good social skills allow you to communicate in a more effective manner.

Fill your cup first

The main root of a lot of modern problems is people have been conditioned to fill up others' cups first before their own. Problem is, they're filling others' cups with their own, leaving them empty.

You must fill your own cup first before tending to others. By putting yourself first, you are taking care of the most important thing in your life: you.

That is the main focus of your grind after all. Improving your life is the main goal of grinding so hard. When you go on your grind, you might as well focus on yourself first.

- Karl