Because it Works

masculinity Dec 24, 2022
Because it Works

How many times have you been told to do something because it's the "right thing" to do? Too many men fall into this conditioning, and as a result, they are severely hindered from it. Rather than doing something because it's the right thing, men must do something because it works.

This whole idea of doing the right thing is a modern-day disease. So many people are afflicted with this conditioning, causing them to prioritize others over themselves.

While there isn't anything wrong with doing things for others, this conditioning leads so many young men to put their own wants and needs at the bottom of their list. This is the reason why so many young men struggle with success.

In order to achieve success, you must do something because it works and not necessarily because it's the right thing.

In my previous post, I talked about how a lack of priorities caused key pain points in my life. Here are those same pain points from doing the "right thing", or the wrong thing.

1. The "right thing" doesn't work with girls

I had been taught growing up that being a kind, provider gentlemanly type of man would get me any girl I wanted. I had been conditioned to believe I just had to be kind and a provider and I would succeed. 

The "right thing" I had been taught to do was exactly what I did. And it's exactly what led to my failure.

The modern culture of treating people's emotions as sacred ground caused me to become a pussy. I was too afraid of ever rocking the boat with girls I was interested in. 

I was raised to believe that by keeping things calm and peaceful on top of proving my affection, she would reciprocate with love. I fell for the trap, and I faced the consequences.

All the gifts I gave her, all the affection, and all the being patient for the right moment actually made everything worse. Yet, I didn't know this. I thought I was being smooth.

When I inevitably failed, instead of re-evaluating why I failed, I decided to move on to the next girl. And the next. And the next.

Then, with girl number 4, when I was cheated on for the first time, I finally understood that it was time for me to change tactics. If the same tactics would lead to me getting cheated on, it must be time for a change.

If you don't know what works, learn what does work so you can avoid unnecessary consequences.

2. Fitness works when you're consistent

How many of you have heard someone say, "Oh I just want to be toned!" when it comes to fitness? These people are the same ones who will jump from fad diet to fad workout just to try and lose their body fat that much faster.

Anybody who's gotten any fitness progress can tell you that consistency is more important than the specifics of what you do.

When I started my fitness journey, I knew very little about how the body actually worked. Aside from how muscle is formed, I didn't know anything about nutrition, body fat, or efficient muscle building.

This lack of knowledge led me to jump between different diets and workouts in the hope of finding a magic bullet solution. To put it simply, it didn't work.

I got negligible muscle gain and no fat loss in my first few months. The inconsistency of my routine led my body to stay relatively the same.

Eventually, I got tired of seeing no results and committed to bulking up. I was scared of doing this because I didn't want to put on more fat.

I decided to bite the bullet. I would bulk and put on as much fat as I would get from however long my bulk lasted. 

A year and a half later, I gained significant muscle while gaining not that much fat. Before my bulk, my waistline measured about 104cm. By the end of my first bulk, it grew to about 111cm.

At the same time, I could tell just by looking in the mirror that I had put on significant muscle. I was noticeably bigger and more muscular. 

These results gave me the motivation to keep moving forward. Now, I'm on a cut and on track to becoming sub 15% body fat.

By consistently doing what's proven to work, you will inevitably get the result you're looking for.

3. Make Productivity Work for you

School had conditioned me to believe that if I can't focus on one task until I finish it, then I'm a failure. This conditioning haunted me until a few years after high school graduation.

I know now that this isn't the case. I now know that people are productive in different ways and that I just had to find the way that works for me.

I had never done well at doing one thing for super long periods of time. This for me is a one-way street to burnout. Instead, I had always excelled more at having multiple tasks going on at the same time and working one each one bit by bit.

Thing is, I didn't know about this until I came upon a YouTube video by Dr. K

Here is where I learned about different motivation styles depending on your personality. I learned that my way of doing things is actually perfectly normal.

Once I had watched this video, I incorporated my motivation style into my routine. Within a few weeks, I saw drastic differences in my productivity.

Sure, I was getting less done each day, but I was getting more done each week. On top of this, I was able to avoid and detect burnout much easier than before.

I've used this motivation style to shape my routine ever since, and I'm never going back.

In order to really get amazing results, you must find what works for you out of what works in general.

Find the damn balance

In this era, young men are just as imbalanced in their behaviors as women. They play to extremes rather than keeping themselves grounded near the middle.

Young men these days are too willing to sacrifice results and progress if it means they satisfy the ethics or morals surrounding their decisions. Thing is, more often than not, the ethics or morals they satisfy aren't even their own.

In order for things to truly work for you, you must not only find the methods that work for you, but you must also strike a balance with your ethics, morals, and personal values. If your ethics, morals, or personal values are holding you back from your desired result, it's time for a change.

 - Karl