Get Going, Worry about Details Later

productivity Oct 07, 2022
Get Going

Too many people worry about doing things the perfect way. The perfect pick-up line, the perfect way to say something sensitive, the perfect way to present a project; too many people get wrapped up in perfection and never get going.

Ironically enough, this pursuit of perfection leads them to do worse than they wanted if they do decide to take action. The end result is nowhere near what they wanted to produce.

To make progress, you first need to start moving. In the words of Jake the dog, "Sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something."

Don't be afraid of starting at zero when you get going

Far too many people are horrified of being the new person when they first get going with new endeavors. They don't want to be the person at the gym bench pressing 10lb plates, or the person at the meeting asking questions.

This mentality is what causes people to progress so much slower than they could. There's a quote by Confucius that reads, "The person who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the person who doesn't is a fool for life." 

Although not all scenarios include questions, the wisdom here is applicable across many areas of life. Don't be afraid of being the newbie. Even the mountain of muscle at your gym had to start somewhere.

Perfectionism is not natural for humans

Take a look at babies when they try walking for the first time, and what do you see? You certainly don't see them trying to figure out the perfect way of standing before they stand once. Babies figure out how to stand by getting the progress going.

This process of figuring things out through trial & error is the natural way for humans to learn. Most often the most impactful lessons are the ones we learn from mistakes, whether those mistakes are our own or from someone else.

The logic here follows that of the saying, "A picture speaks a thousand words." If a picture speaks a thousand words, how many do your memories speak? From my own experience, it's at least equal if not more.

We learn faster from experience, especially us men because experience paints a picture in our memories. From those memories, we craft a story using the words from how we frame those memories.

Weak Men encourage Perfectionism. Ignore them & get going

In a previous post, I touched on how fragile masculinity is so common now & how to reverse it. One big trait of men with fragile masculinity is that they are perfectionists. 

Weak men are perfectionists, which leads them to never take the first step toward progress. Because they never make any progress, they stagnate in life & become very complacent. And when they become complacent, they encourage their perfectionism because they want to share their misery.

As a masculine man, it is now your duty to keep making progress & moving forward. Don't let any weak men tell you otherwise. 

Let them stay weak. Let them stagnate. You are now playing a different game compared to them.

They are playing to not lose. You are now playing to win. Never forget that, and you'll make strides as you've never seen.

- Karl