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Go Touch Some Grass

Go Touch Some Grass

mental health Apr 29, 2023

I had a conversation with my little brother a few days ago. He had gone on a little walk and when he got back, he told me something quite interesting. He had been feeling quite apathetic towards being productive for a few weeks, to the point that he had to force himself to go to the gym. When he got back from his walk, however, he said that the apathy he felt had disappeared. He described it as a sort of awakening. All because he decided to go touch some grass.

There are benefits to going outside beyond the common health benefits you hear about in the modern-day. You just don't hear about these other benefits a lot because they sound like hippie talk.

When I heard that he had his "awakening", I knew what he meant. I had gone through one myself years ago.

Today, I want to focus on the benefits of this awakening. Here are two reasons for you to have your, "go touch some grass" awakening.

1. Reconnecting with yourself

I'm positive you know what a eureka moment is. This "awakening" is something like that. It's a moment when you gain a strong sense of clarity, but it lasts. In order to experience this, you need to go outside and be in nature.

To put it simply, this "awakening" is you reconnecting with the nature in you (for lack of a better explanation). The reality of the modern-day is we are forced to disconnect from the nature in us so we can fit in.

A simpler way to think of it is you reconnect with your inner child. Let me explain.

At their base, children are incredibly genuine. Children don't really have a filter if they have one at all. Children are simply themselves before they are conditioned out of it.

Your subconscious mind is there paying attention to yourself and your surroundings from the time you're a little child all the way to the grave. Your subconscious mind knows what you want better than your conscious mind.

The people who are the least afraid of what they want are children. They see nothing wrong with it, so they go for it.

Modern society conditions that confidence out of you so you become an obedient worker drone. They condition that childlike curiosity and joy out of you in order to make you a more efficient worker.

People only struggle with what they want because they've been conditioned as children to see it as wrong unless it's something that others approve of.

When your inner child is neglected, you struggle with what you want as an adult. You see it as wrong to be selfish because you've been taught all your life to be selfless.

Rather than learning how to balance our desires with the desires of others, we're taught to always give in to others. Authenticity is impossible if you can't own up to your desires.

There's just something about the beauty and majesty of nature that brings it out of you. This is probably the reason why kids love playing outside and running around.

This "awakening" at its core is simply you telling your inner child that it's safe for them to come out of hiding. When you succeed at this, you obtain what is essentially permanent post-nut clarity without feeling lethargic or less horny.

Most importantly, you become ok with what you want over time. It may take weeks, months, or years, but eventually, you will be able to %100 own up to what you want in life.

2. Connect with others

Over my lifetime, I've heard multiple quotes that encourage self-mastery. Quotes like, "Master yourself, master the enemy," and, "The beginning and the end of learning is learning about yourself," are the main ones that really stuck with me. In order to live a fulfilling life, it's vitally important you learn how to accept yourself first.

It's an old saying, but it holds true: you cannot love others if you cannot love yourself first. And if you love someone, you'll want what's best for them.

If you don't know what's best for you, then do you truly love yourself? Beginning the path to self-love requires one to master themself first.

Most people who are insecure in themselves only seek others as a means to calm their worries. However, this is only a temporary measure, which leads to them seeking more validation.

These people seek validation from others because they are not content with themselves. These people have disowned their desires in favor of being socially accepted.

What these people don't realize is it's completely possible to want what you want while still being socially accepted. It's just that the modern-day tells us to get along with everybody instead of only the people who actually like us.

You cannot please everybody. Not everybody will approve of your desires, and that's ok. It's your life to live, not theirs.

Many people seem to forget that they are the masters of their own lives. They get to make the choices, but they've given all the power to other people and their acceptance. This traps them into making the choice to chase approval.

I can tell you that chasing approval is not fun, especially when that approval conflicts with something you want. 

By reconnecting with your yourself and your desires, you become more able to connect with others. When you learn to accept yourself, accepting others becomes super easy.

The Grass is greener where it can grow

The vast majority of people these days are completely disconnected from themselves due to how robotic life makes them become. They go about their daily life like clockwork, doing the same things over and over for the same results over and over.

It's no wonder people are miserable with their boring lives. When people disconnect from their inner child, they forget how to truly have fun which is the biggest tragedy you can have in life.

All these years, the advice parents were giving to kids to go play outside isn't just for your physical health. Going outside and connecting with nature is just as important for your mental health, and good mental health is step zero to gaining results.

- Karl