Good Times Create Weak Men

masculinity Oct 26, 2022
Good Times Create Weak Men

Good times create weak men; never in the history of mankind has this phrase been more true. 

I grew up in a giga-catholic household. I was taught to be respectful & obedient, to never cause trouble & to be meek. I was never encouraged to go after what I wanted, and I definitely wasn't taught about healthy sexuality.

Looking back now, I see how this upbringing severely slowed down my development not only as a person but as a man. I know I'm not the only man who's gone through this type of upbringing.

After undoing lots of this conditioning, I learned a lot about how good times create weak men. Here are the big points I discovered.

1. Good Times Create Fearful Men

Growing up, I was never any good with girls. I didn't know how to talk to them properly or how to make them interested in me, but that didn't stop me from trying.

When I did go for it, I would be so damn nervous. I'd trip over my words, my heart would beat so fast that it would distract me, and my words would come out so shaky that any confidence I did have would evaporate as I spoke.

Although this example is specific to girls, this kind of behavior spills over into many areas of life. 

Speaking up, going after what I wanted, having confidence, or trying something new; I was terrified of stepping out of my comfort zone. 

Good times create weak men because they get deprived of challenges that help them develop their character. Without these challenges issued to them, men have little reason to push their comfort zones.

Even though I wasn't any good with girls in high school, I still went for it. I wanted a girlfriend that badly.

Looking back on those moments gives me confidence knowing that I was able to push myself that far out of my comfort zone, even if I ended up getting rejected each time.

When you push your comfort zone, you extend it out further, increasing the number of things you're comfortable with. In order to develop as a man, you must challenge your comfort zone by pushing it out further and further over time.

2. Good Times Create Complacent Men

 When you look at young men these days, they have little to no ambition. They do very little to actually improve themselves. I was no different when I was younger.

I'd sink hours each day into video games & scrolling on social media. My eyes were either glued to the game I was playing or the ass in my Instagram feed. 

At the same time, I had no motivation to do anything ambitious & I didn't know why. 

Looking back, I realize that the lack of challenges in my life made me complacent. There was nothing to push my limits outside of video games, so I only pushed my limits in the virtual world.

Good times create weak men because good times make it too easy to stay in your comfort zone. 

When men are never challenged, they begin to expect good things in life to come their way without being a person of value. 

We can't blame them for it though; I was raised to believe that it's what's on the inside that counts, yet that never got me the girls I got rejected by. And since I was given no alternative, I came to believe that something was wrong with how I did things rather than with who I was.

If something doesn't go your way, seek to understand all perspectives rather than dismissing what happened. With understanding comes clarity, and for men, clarity brings peace & direction. 

3. Weak Men Propagate Their Weakness

Which came first, the weak father or his son? Obviously, the father came first, but my point is this: this weakness isn't natural, it's learned.

Every time I would try to express negative emotions toward my dad growing up, he would immediately tell me to stop and to "behave myself." This wouldn't stop me from expressing my negative emotions toward my dad, but it did leave damage.

This kind of treatment taught me that it's not ok for me to express my emotions because I'll be punished for it if I do. As a result, I became a doormat of a person growing up.

It doesn't help that school only compounds this. If you want to speak in class, you raise your hand first; AKA,  if you want something, you need to ask for permission.

I didn't know how to set healthy boundaries, I went along with things I didn't want to, and I'd have to bear my dad's hypocrisy as he raised his voice at me while I had to stay "respectful & quiet."

This upbringing made me horrible at connecting with others because I genuinely believed that I'd be punished or ostracized for expressing what I wanted.

This is in stark contrast to young boys who do & say what they want to do without any concern for how others feel. Not saying this is right either, but it's a hell of a lot better.

If you spend enough time around other weak men, then you will become like them over time.

Couple this with the fact that they will try their hardest to keep you down with them, and you have a recipe for never achieving what you want in life.

It's your life to live, don't let anybody convince you otherwise.

Weak Men Create Hard Times

Due to the weakness passed down to our generation, times have now become hard. Many men will see this as a negative, but this is a big opportunity for you & me.

Weak men may create hard times, but hard times create strong men. It has ever been the strong men who get what they want in life.

The important thing is you get going toward achieving your goals. Build momentum, and you'll find it hard to stop.

Good times create weak men, who make the hard times, which make us strong. Put these hard times to good use and achieve your potential.

- Karl