Men who put in the work get the rewards

masculinity Nov 23, 2022
Men who put in the work get the rewards

A very common complaint in the realm of men's dating in the modern day is how women don't have to put nearly as much effort into it as men do. They say it's unfair, citing equality as their justification. They don't realize that the men who put in the work get the rewards they want.

You can't blame modern men for being this way. They've been raised to believe "it's what's on the inside that counts!" and so they forego anything that would actually boost their chances of success.

I was like this before. I always thought that wanting to become better for the sake of dating either made you shallow or made you a simp.

I realize now that this mentality couldn't be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that men have to put in the work to get rewarded in life. Here's what I've learned from my past years of being a simp loser.

1. Women love opportunistically

During my red-pill rage days, I noticed a common theme. A lot of men shared the mentality of, "If only she could see all the things I've done for her!" A lot of men expect women to love them for what they could previously do; they keep score. The reality, however, is that women love you for what you can do.

I always wondered why I would get rejected by the girls I wanted, while girls I didn't want would want me. Younger Karl couldn't understand just how women fell in love.

I've learned now that women love opportunistically. This means that she can only love you if there's a sufficient benefit to her being with you.

In the case of the younger me, there wasn't any sufficient benefit. I wasn't in shape, I had little to no ambition, I didn't know how to have fun conversations, and I didn't really have a plan for my life. Yet I still believed that "it's what's on the inside that counts!"

Here's the crazy part: ever since I started making significant progress on myself, MY MOM started behaving differently around me. As if out of nowhere, she's now more feminine around me, a way of behaving I've never seen her do around my dad.

The essence of masculine energy is one of progress, and by making progress on yourself, you become more masculine. This allows the women around you to feel safe being feminine around you, which makes them fall for you.

2. Put in the work so you can call the shots

The common complaint of women not having to put in the work is motivated by men's desire to not have to put in the work. This clashes with women's desire for men to put in the work, and so a divide happens. In this age, because so few men actually are willing to put in the work, so few men get to call the shots.

The main reward for men who put in the work is being able to set the pace. They are the rare, sought-after commodity in the market, so they get to set their price.

This is something I failed to establish before my first relationship. I wasn't better than other average guys, and that showed especially in my behavior. Because of this, she only did things for me when it was convenient for both of us.

Fast forward a few years, and now my little brothers look to me as their father figure. All the work I've put in to improve myself has paid off and my little brothers look to me for guidance now instead of our dad.


By putting in the work and reaching a new standard for yourself, you can set an equal standard for the people who enter your life. In the case of dating, this means that if she doesn't meet the standard you've set then you're completely justified in cutting ties with her, no questions asked.

By becoming that rare commodity, you get to call the shots because you have control over the market.

3. Men who put in the work live better lives

Take a look at modern men, and you'll notice just how unambitious they are. They prefer to play video games all day and sleep in rather than get up early and conquer the day. It should be no wonder that these men are depressed and lethargic, they have no reason to be happy. Men who put in the work live better lives because they have reasons to be happy.

I remember when I was a drifter in life. I wasn't happy, but I wasn't miserable. I was content to spend every day playing video games.

That is until I got bored of it. I got so bored of playing video games that I worked out for the first time on my own. Shortly after that, I started meditating.

These were my two main good habits for at least two years. It's been three years, and although I only really started seeing results in my physique in the last 8 months, the effects on my overall mood and mental health have been immeasurable.

I've never been more motivated to do work. A lot of my work doesn't even feel like work. Even this doesn't feel like I'm doing work. Of course, I still have the initial resistance to getting going, but once I get past that I'm off to the races.

Putting in the work improves your quality of life as a man if it gets you somewhere because you have results to be happy about. 

Men who put in the work get the girl

My original motivation for improving myself was to become better with women. I really wanted a girlfriend, and the message I saw over and over in my quest for improvement was that women love a man who can put in the work when it's needed.

Masculine and feminine energy thrive off of this dynamic. When the masculine man makes progress towards freedom, the feminine woman feels secure being feminine, which allows her to feel fulfilled with you. 

In the beginning, I had trouble believing this, but now I see it as an iron rule. In order to get the woman you want as a man, and let's be real here all of us men want a high-quality woman, you have to be willing to put in the hard work.


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