Pick a Big Enough Dragon To Conquer

masculinity Jul 05, 2023
Pick a Big Enough Dragon To Conquer

Take a look at modern men and you'll see that they lack ambition to achieve their goals. They spend so much time pussyfooting around and talking about their goals rather than spending time actually taking action. There's a lot to be said on this topic, but one of the biggest contributing factors is setting your sights too low. When you set a goal, make sure you pick a big enough dragon to conquer.

When I say this, I don't mean to aim for something you can't beat. Aim for something that is just above your current skill level.

However, most men these days don't even aim half that high. They keep going for the little geckos and lizards they know they can beat.

Setting goals that will push your limits is oh so important as a man. Here are two reasons why you need to pick a big enough dragon to conquer.

1. Building your empire/Confidence

How many men have you seen that are miserable? As in, they have nothing to their name and are aware of how pathetic they are. To avoid this fate, you must build your empire. To properly build your empire, you must drive out the dragons.

I don't need to tell you that building up your empire takes effort. That is something you find out by just living.

However, very few people will tell you the benefits of actually building something you're proud of. It goes beyond things like money and stability.

When you conquer that goal you set, a goal that is just beyond your skill level, it feels so good. It gives you that primal level of confidence.

That primal confidence fills you up in so many areas, more than just the one that your goal concerned. When you conquer that dragon, you realize that you are capable of accomplishing things that you set your mind to.

This confidence, that you can accomplish things you set yourself towards, will be the momentum you need to carry yourself forward through the rest of your life. Don't cheat yourself out of this primal power.

2. Acquiring an Abundance Mindset

Arguably the biggest reason guys struggle with women is a scarcity mindset. They believe that if they lose this one, they won't find another. This mindset infects you to your core and affects how you see everything. By conquering big enough dragons, you are destroying any trace of a scarcity mentality and replacing it with an abundance mindset.

To put it simply, an abundance mindset means you believe that there is more for you out there if you lose this thing that is right in front of you. For many, this does not come naturally.

Brute forcing your way to an abundance mindset doesn't exactly work. It can work, but it's quite difficult as you'll have little to no evidence to back up your claims in your mind.

The easiest way to achieve an abundance mindset is to conquer your goals. 

By conquering your goals, you are proving to yourself that you are capable. When you prove to yourself that you're capable, you start to believe that you can obtain anything you set your sights on.

Imagine what it's like for somebody who lacks confidence. They don't believe they can do something because they've never succeeded at it before.

However, once they do succeed, they start to build up their self-esteem and their confidence. They start to believe in their own abilities, which leads to a natural abundance mindset.

To become a desirable man, you need this mindset to maintain order and peace in your life. Without it, you become just another simp who will bend to the whims of the world.

Next time you come face-to-face with another "dragon", gather your courage to conquer it. Your confidence and mindset will thank you.

Men must perform

If you haven't figured it out yet, men must be able to perform. As in, in every area of life. Inside and outside the bedroom. This is the masculine burden, so you must shoulder it.

However, the masculine advantage is leverage. Leverage that, after putting in the work, you are the one who calls the shots and is the one who becomes the prize.

The only way for you as a man to become this is to pick a big enough dragon to conquer, over and over. So get out your sword and start slaying.

- Karl