The 2 keys to an infinitely better life

mental health productivity Sep 27, 2023
The 2 keys to an infinitely better life

People seek so many things to try and make life better. Money, fame, a bustling social life, a better physique; while all of these are amazing goals to strive for, these aren't what will actually make life better. The keys to a better life are much deeper than these side-effects of good habits. Today, we'll be going over the 2 keys to an infinitely better life.

These things are so fundamental that they encompass multiple areas of life, and can even be found within the same areas. They appear so often that it's baffling why more people are basically ignoring them.

These keys aren't difficult to acquire. Rather, it takes a lot of time and dedication and can be tricky depending on your circumstances or personality.

As a man, however, it is up to you to create the future you desire for yourself. Here are the 2 keys to an infinitely better life.

1. The key of charisma opens up others

It's no secret that charismatic people have an easier time when interacting with others. And yet, we don't see a lot of people trying to become more charismatic. As concerning as this is, it represents an amazing opportunity. 

First off, let's get one thing out of the way: people want to have stimulating & interesting interactions with others. Even people who are quite anti-social want to have enjoyable social interactions.

As social animals, it is an amazing benefit to us when we have charisma. Being able to hold the interest of others is paramount to social success after all.

And yet, we see very few people actually trying to improve their social skills these days. This is where the opportunity lies.

Because we are social animals, we desire social interactions. Not having quality social connections, even if it's just with your immediate family, has been shown to affect mental health and overall well-being.

Couple this with the fact that most people don't want to take initiative but are very willing to respond to the initiative, and all you have to do is become willing to take that first step.

As you acquire more charisma, you'll learn how to influence people more effectively without having to force anyone into doing anything. You'll also learn how to observe others better and more closely.

All these skills put together will enable you to navigate social scenarios in a way that keeps the tide in your favor. 

It's also important to keep in mind that there will be those who are straight-up bad apples, but having charisma will enable you to deal with them effectively as well.

2. The key of self-control opens up you


Ah, discipline. So elusive, so desired, and an over-used word by the older generation. For all the nagging they do about self-control, it is actually important to have. But, it is equally important to know how to utilize it to it's maximum potential.

Quick question: In which scenario is it easier to not eat a cookie? Where there is no cookie in front of you, or where there is a cookie, but it's in a jar?

If you answered the second scenario, congratulations, you've been conditioned to keep your willpower constantly drained. If this is you, then it'll be no surprise why you can't stay disciplined and practice self-control.

Yes, self-control is important. But, it is not effective to have to use your mental resources to resist the temptation when it can just not exist.

The more mental resources you use, the less self-control you will actually have. Sure, there are a lot of people out there who say that you need to "exercise" your self-control as if it were a muscle, but that's honestly bullshit.

To demonstrate, let's take another example: In which scenario is it easier to resist the temptation of your phone? When it's right in front of you, or when it's locked in a box that will stay locked for 12 hours and cannot be opened?

If you answered the first one, stop deluding yourself. The reality is that self-control can be manipulated, and you just aren't doing it effectively.

The best way to obtain self-control is to change a scenario you want to avoid from an "I won't" statement to an "I can't" statement.

There's a big difference between "I won't pick up my phone" and "I can't pick up my phone." One shows that you are actively resisting, and the other one shows there is nothing you can do about it.

When you show your mind that you cannot do anything to change the scenario, your mind will automatically start searching for other things to do that will fill your time. Compared to when you won't do something, your mind will become like an annoying child asking "Why not?"

The point here is that your willpower is to be preserved for when you actually need it. Rather than putting yourself in scenarios where it can be drained steadily, use your willpower in scenarios where it can be the difference between keeping or breaking your sanity.


As you can see, the 2 keys to an infinitely better life are nothing crazy. They do require effort to properly utilize, but it's nothing anybody can't handle.

You don't need to do crazy things to see a monumental increase in the quality of your life. You simply need to be willing to take the first step towards these things that others aren't willing to acquire.

By setting yourself apart in this way, you will naturally become magnetic over time. And when you can attract people effortlessly, life becomes infinitely better.

- Karl