The Grind Never Ends, Nor Should it

masculinity Apr 05, 2023
The Grind Never Ends, Nor Should it

Take a look at most men in the modern day and you'll notice one thing: they have lackluster lives. The cause can be blamed on many different things, but the main cause is they've stopped the grind. The grind never ends for us men, nor should it.

We men want so desperately to not have to perform. We want so desperately to just exist and enjoy life without having to put in the effort. 

While you can go down that road, once you do you can't go back. And once you go down that road, your life changes forever.

That being said, there's a right way to stay on the grind. The grind never ends, here are 4 things you can do to make it just another part of your life.

1. Know what you want in life

Have you ever tried ordering food without knowing what you wanted? Yea, me too. It's annoying and annoys everybody else in line. A similar thing happens with your life if you don't know what you want. Your life stalls and everyone else is left wondering what the hell happened.

When I say know what you want, I'm not saying to know everything. That would take far too long and far too many resources.

What I do mean is to know what you want most in life. What are the goals you really want to accomplish more than anything?

Do you want an aesthetic physique? A harem of hot girls? One loyal girlfriend? Want to live in a country on the other side of the world? Do you want to spend your days traveling?

These kinds of questions, the kind of questions that uncover who you are at your core, will show you which direction will work best for you.

Master yourself, master the enemy, and the only way to master yourself is to discover who you are.

2. Set a few main goals

Think back to a time when you were burnt out or close to it. Now recall how many things you had on your plate at once. Chances are, you had too much. In order to simplify the grind, you need to limit your scope.

Nothing brings the fort crashing down faster than overloading with work. Even a little bit will have massive consequences, whether they happen now or down the line.

In order to minimize setbacks while maximizing progress, you must set your main focus. If your focus is to get in shape, become a better conversationalist, and learn a language then those will be your main goals. 

As an example, those things would be your must-do tasks for the day, the kind of things where your day doesn't feel complete if you don't complete them.

Anything else that isn't mandatory can be dropped until you complete one of those goals and are willing to take another one to replace it.

By doing things in this way, you are putting resources towards things that will more effectively get you to your goals with as little time wasted as possible.

This is also a big reason why so many guys fail with their goals; they're trying to do too much at once. Don't fall into this trap, it's fatal.

By limiting your main goals to only those that are most important to you, you are allowing yourself to use resources more efficiently.

3. Have a clear end in mind

Before you set off on working toward your goals, there's one more thing that will help immensely. It's great to have goals, but it's even better when you have a clear picture of what you specifically want to accomplish with them.

Most people that set out to achieve something do so purely off of fleeting motivation. In other words, it doesn't last.

We've had our creativity metaphorically beat out of us by school so many people struggle with thinking big. Yet, thinking big is exactly what you need to achieve those goals of yours.

Let's say obtaining an aesthetic body is a goal of yours. Go into more detail about the aesthetic body you want.

Is it a bigger build? Is it an athletic build? Chiseled abs and wide lats? 10% body fat and still able to eat a lot? Why did you want it in the first place? Easier dating? Self-respect? Both? More?

Again, these kinds of questions that unveil who you are will show you which direction works best for you to achieve your goals. Don't be cheap with your answers either; the only person you'll be cheating in that case is yourself.

Once you've got your goals set in place, have a clear end in mind to aim towards.

4. Slowly but surely, but not too slowly

Slow and steady wins the race, but you still need a respectable pace. Go too slow and you'll never reach your goals in time. Got too fast, however, and you'll burn out. In order to make the grind sustainable, you need to find that balanced pace that works for you.

The number one thing that derails progress is stress. Nothing builds stress faster than bad pacing.

This is why the majority of modern working people hate their jobs. Their job is either too fast for them to keep up with or too slow for them to keep up with their bills.

In the case of goals, it's very similar. Go too fast, you'll run out of fuel. Go too slow, you won't get any progress and lose hope.

Time will pass anyways, so you might as well do the hard work that takes a lot of time to do. At the same time, don't let that be your excuse to be lazy and not do good work.

Find a pace that works for you. One that allows you to de-stress, while staying on top of all your work and progress.

Always marching

The reason why so many men these days are miserable is because they lack any form of purpose and direction, both things that are supplied through pursuing goals. They are made weak by modern propaganda and as such become weak men-children.

Real men with goals are always marching towards their goals, always marching towards a better tomorrow. The first step to doing this is to get your goals in check and start doing the work.

- Karl