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The Red Pill is not the end goal

The Red Pill is not the end goal

masculinity Nov 09, 2022

Take the blue pill and stay in wonderland forever, or take the red pill and see reality in all its authentic ugliness. This is the main idea behind red pill content in the modern-day as it relates to men & the way they interact with women. What a lot of men don't realize is that the red pill is not the end goal.

Modern men pick up this ideology after not getting the results they wanted in their dating life at some point. The methods they were conditioned to believe would work turned out to not work, while all the bad boys they were told not to be like got all the girls.

This is what happened to me in my first relationship. I followed the methods I was raised to believe would work, and the end result is I got cheated on. 

I experienced my own red pill rage & was completely immersed in the content of red pill youtubers like The33secrets, Fresh & fit, Anthony Spade, & Darius M. Looking back, the whole experience was super repetitive, negative, & hypocritical.

It's from this red pill phase that I learned that the red pill is not the end goal of being a man, but rather a means to an end. Here's what I mean by that.

What it got Right: Female Nature & Emasculation

As much as I'm painting the red pill in a negative light, it does get quite a bit correct. The main thing the red pill does is expose the truth about female nature & the ways modern society emasculates men.

Growing up, I was conditioned to believe that I need to earn the approval of the girls I wanted. I was told to always respect women & to be kind. Coupled with how the modern day tells everyone that we're all equal, you get young boys who put girls on a pedestal. This is exactly how I turned out.

Having no masculine role model to show me how to properly behave around girls, I ended up being that creepy, socially awkward kid who never got the girl he wanted. So when I finally started learning about female nature & emasculation, I was shocked.

But that shock didn't last very long. I put what I learned about female nature to the test right away. The video I watched said it would work on even my mom, and that's exactly who I tried it on.

Not only did this lead to my mom being more feminine around me, but I've also had so much fun interacting with girls since then, whether they're family members or not.

What the Red Pill Got Wrong: Handling Relationships

We can't talk about the red pill without talking about this. The red pill, for all the useful information it has, is held together by the common thread of hatred & bitterness towards women. This is the reason why the red pill is not the end goal.

There are two main hypocrisies in the red pill:

  1. The idea of "She's not yours, it's just your turn"
  2. Not being obsessed with women, yet 95% of the content is about women

These two ideas live off of men who were once very romantic & sweet, were told that that's the way to a woman's heart, and then had theirs crushed while being romantic & sweet. While this is true, it's not the entire truth.

Back when I was red pill, I dealt with conflicting interests. On one hand, I wanted a loving, committed relationship with a lot of sex. On the other hand, the red pill was telling me I had to behave in this domineering, hyper-masculine alpha way.

The red pill took advantage of my desire for love & sex combined with my fear of being cheated on again, and I ended up exactly on the opposite side of the spectrum; from romantic & sweet to selfish & brutal. At the time, I saw this as being a proper man, but now I see it for what it is.

The red pill is not the end goal, but if you treat it like it is it becomes a coping mechanism that will prevent you from getting what it is you actually want.

All the hatred surrounding the red pill is simply men not wanting to become better, it's them becoming bitter & saying women need to change, not them.

Use the pills properly

Going too far with either the red or blue pill will only lead you to pain, suffering, & ignorance. In order to reach your desired end goal, you need to use these pills properly.

Looking back, I can see that the red pill serves the purpose of teaching you proper masculinity, but going too far turns you into something toxic. On the other hand, the blue pill teaches you to have dominion over your emotions & your mind, but going too far that way turns you into a doormat.

To become a desirable, outstanding, masculine young man, you must obtain competence over both your masculinity & your emotions.

The key thing I've learned through this process is it's like a pendulum. The further on one side you start, the further you will swing to the other side and as you keep swinging back and forth, you get closer & closer to the center until you eventually get there.

Or, putting it in the words of Jordan Peterson, "You should be a monster, an absolute monster, then you should learn how to control it."


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