Understanding makes things easy

productivity Mar 29, 2023
Understanding makes things easy

Think about anything you're good at and chances are you understand how it works. Whether it be a video game, a sport, or a subject at school, you're good at it because you understand the underlying mechanics. This is a concept that applies to all areas of life: understanding makes things easy.

By choosing to understand, you're choosing to know what causes something to tick. When you know how to make things work, it's almost impossible to get upset.

Many people in the modern-day struggle because they lack understanding in their given area. They don't take the time to understand, so they spin their wheels continuously and get nowhere.

Understanding makes things easy because you don't have to guess, you just know. Here are a few tips to simplify achieving understanding.

1. Understanding a new point of view

Take a look at any argument and you'll notice one common factor: two or more people who don't understand each other's viewpoint. When you wish to acquire a new understanding, you must be willing to adopt a new point of view.

Everything starts and ends with perspective. Two people can end up in different places from the same starting point.

When you want to understand more easily, you need to be willing to let go of any preconceived notions that may hold you back.

When I first started getting into fitness, I had no knowledge about diet. I knew I had to eat enough protein and get enough exercise, but that's it.

When my results eventually stalled, I had no idea why. I ended up spinning my wheels for quite a while before I made a breakthrough.

I ate more. I went on a bulk and finally got more of the results I wanted.

From my perspective, I was doing everything right. However, the YouTube videos I watched were telling me I was missing a few things.

After a little more research, I implemented those missing things and started seeing more progress. 

In order to acquire understanding, you must be willing to adopt a new point of view.

2. Asking the right questions

As the old saying goes, the key to learning isn't having the right answers, it's asking the right questions. When you acquire a new point of view, you will need to fill in the space with proper knowledge.

Once you've gotten the new point of view, you must then start asking questions. However, just any questions won't do. You must ask questions that lead you down the right path.

The root of your questions will be one word for the most part: why? Question why things work the way they do. Question why they do things in a certain way. 

When I first started seeing better results with my fitness, I had no idea why. So, I turned to YouTube and google for answers.

I did enough research to be satisfied with the answers I got, which then led me down another rabbit hole of questions. How do I get more results? How do I optimize?

This pursuit of knowledge is what drove me to get the results I have now and is what will drive you to uncover the understanding that brings results.

When you start researching for the sake of your understanding, make sure you ask yourself a lot of effective questions.

3. Understanding it takes time

Acquiring understanding is similar to acquiring mastery in other areas. It takes time and dedication. This alone scares off most people. However, that mastery is what separates the effective from the ineffective. 

There's no way around it: it takes time to fluently understand anything. Therefore, it would do you good not to rush things.

One problem: people want things, and they want them as fast as possible. That impatience leads many men to failure in life.

Time will pass anyways, so you might as well spend it rather than waste it. 

When I realized that I had screwed over my metabolism, I despaired at the thought of how long it would take to fix it. I didn't want to spend that much time just fixing my metabolism.

Eventually, I realized that if I didn't fix it, I would get myself stuck and unable to progress toward my goals. So, I hunkered down and decided to fix my metabolism. That's how I started my first bulk.

I started small, increasing my calories over time in increments of about 250. Eventually, I was eating 2000 calories a day and I never felt better.

Over the span of about 8 months, I increased my metabolism from under 1000 calories per day to over 2000. I dreaded the amount of time it would take, and it passed in a flash.

Acquiring mastery or understanding takes time, so be sure to spend the time necessary to achieve it.

Can't be mad at what you understand

Once I acquired an understanding of human nature and behavior, I found myself getting less upset with others. I concluded that because I understand why they do what they do, I can't really be mad at them.

This is what I hope you will achieve as well. By acquiring understanding, it is my desire that you will become more resilient and less stressed out.

- Karl