What I Learned From my Red Pill Days

masculinity Nov 30, 2022
What I Learned From my Red Pill Days

A while back, I made a post saying that the red pill is not the end goal as more of a general overview of what it teaches. I figured I'd go into more detail outlining what I learned from my red pill days.

The red pill as an ideology believes in giving men the knowledge they need to properly navigate life as a man. They rightfully proclaim that modern society makes men too soft and strips them of their masculine drive.

However, for all the good that the red pill does, its knowledge is steeped in hatred towards women who would take advantage of these modern men with no backbone. The end result is a lot of men get bitter toward women rather than better.

Seeing as how I went through that same process, I want to share a few key insights I picked up looking back at what I learned from my red pill days.

1. Understanding Brings Clarity

"How would you like to never have women cheat on you ever? Or how would you like to get the girl of your dreams?"

This is one of the messages the red pill spreads that draws in its audience, and to its credit, they do fulfill it. The main tenet of the red pill's knowledge base is female nature in relation to us men.

I remember when I started out in the red pill I had no concrete understanding of what actually worked with women. I was deep into the blue pill conditioning of my younger years.

So when I bought a $60 eBook claiming to make me into a modern Casanova I was skeptical. But hey, it had a 3-month money-back guarantee with no questions asked, so I had nothing to lose.

I started reading that eBook as soon as I got home, and I was simultaneously enlightened and stumped. The stuff I was learning created a path forward for me to take, on top of creating the thought, "There's no way this actually works."

Of the things I learned in that eBook, two things stood out to me: approach tactics and how to have better conversations with women. Of these two things, the one I really got to put into practice was the stuff about conversations.

Shortly after I had picked up this eBook, I started my first relationship and I was eager to put what I learned to the test. To my delight, it worked better than I had imagined. I wasn't suddenly a social butterfly, but I was doing damn well better than I ever imagined I could.


About two and a half years later, I had an epiphany: the core principle of being good at conversation with women is being good at conversation with anybody. Once I made this connection, I saw rapid improvement in my ability to have conversations with anybody.

As an example, making small talk with my own little brother went from a daunting task to a simple greeting and asking how school was.

Understanding the core principle behind being good at conversation with women brought me clarity on how to become better at conversation in general, which was something I had always wanted to improve at.

2. Nothing Flashy is required, just stop waiting for life to happen

"I'm sorry, I only see you as a friend."

Those were the words that marked my first rejection. At the time, I wasn't exactly confused but I did have a question on my mind: where did it all go wrong?

I had a crush on my first crush for years. To be more specific, I had a crush on her for four years. Yet I didn't make a move. I was waiting for the perfect moment.

I would do things like write her poetry and buy her gifts in the hope that it would win her over, and still, nothing happened.

Eventually, I got tired of waiting for it to happen and decided to make it happen myself. The good news is I now knew how she felt, the bad news is I got shot down.

One of the first things I learned in earnest from the red pill is the concept of being bold. I learned from there that women love men who take action and don't really care for the flashy theatrics that I thought would win her over.

Once I understood this, I couldn't help but cringe at how I had killed my own chances.

If there's something you want in life, go after it. Stop waiting for the perfect moment, because the perfect moment doesn't exist.

3. Play to your advantage

The most common idea spread by men of the red pill is that women don't have to put in as much work as men and it's not fair. I understand where they come from, but they don't realize that women are just playing to their advantage.

The turning point for me that would lead me out of my red pill rage was when I had a thought about men having to put in work. I knew it would go against everything that's preached in the red pill, but I felt in my bones that this was correct.

It was another video of a red pill YouTuber complaining about another woman who threw away her youth to be a party girl, and he said that now she understands how much work men have to put in just to get by.

The whole idea of men having to put in work is laced with a negative connotation, but I can't help but think that it's a good thing. If men put in the work, they have all the justification they could ever need to pursue what they want.

This is our male advantage, yet the red pill continues to cry for equality more than the feminists. The red pill men are so busy, that they can't capitalize on their advantage while women are.

By simply playing to the advantages you have, your life becomes a whole lot easier and enjoyable.

A necessary passage

As horrible as it may seem to go through red pill rage, it's actually a crucial part of progressing. 

There's good in the bad, and there's bad in the good. In order to extract the good from the bad, you must first experience the bad.

By experiencing the anger known as red pill rage, you gain so much more insight on who you really are and where you want to be in life.


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