The benefits of learning about dopamine

productivity Jun 21, 2023
The benefits of learning about dopamine

In our modern world, people are dominated by overstimulation. They become slaves to their dopamine and as a result, are unable to take full control of their lives. In order to better regulate your dopamine systems, even if you are already disciplined, I highly recommend learning about dopamine. Not many know the benefits of learning about dopamine.

Full disclaimer, I am not recommending you do a dopamine detox. It is an option but is just that.

Knowing more about dopamine will equip you with better tools to handle yourself and your discipline in the future. As a man, having more discipline over yourself is a godsend.

The road to discipline isn't easy, but it is well worth it. It all starts with regulating your dopamine. Here are the two big benefits of learning about dopamine.

1. Understanding your vices

Ever wondered why you enjoy something so much, even though it's so bad for you? When you have an understanding of dopamine, it can lead you to the answers. Out of all the methods out there, understanding your vices is the most underrated way of letting them go.

I've preached a lot about how understanding leads to better results. In the case of dopamine, it leads to why you struggle with the vices you have. 

Our vices are hard to drop because they create a dopamine circuit. They create a response that is pleasurable in the moment, and regrettable afterward.

Here's the good news: every vice has its roots. That is to say, there is a cause. You need only dig for it.

Understand that this cause finds its foundation in dopamine. It wouldn't have become such a habit if it wasn't pleasurable in some way.

For example, if you struggle with porn, you may believe that you'll never find a girl who wants to have sex with you so watching porn becomes your escape because they can't say no.

Or maybe you were raised in a very conservative family that never let you explore your sexuality, so being able to explore it is a new and exciting adventure.

It could also just be that you find it that enjoyable and nothing more. Either way, the foundation of the cause is rooted in dopamine.

By learning about dopamine, you will obtain a better grasp of how to let go of your vices while steering yourself toward virtue.

2. Doing more hard work

It's no secret that being able to do more work will lead to more results. However, some people struggle with being able to do enough work for there to be noticeable results. When you know more about dopamine, it makes the hard work a lot easier to do.

Take a moment to think about the people in your life who struggle to do hard work. Now, notice how much stimulation they get in a day.

If you know somebody like this, chances are they are on a screen all day or stuck with some horrible addiction. This stimulation is exactly why they are unable to do their important work.

There are a variety of methods designed to help with this issue, the most well-known one being the dopamine detox. However, the core of these methods is all the same: dopamine regulation.

Without proper dopamine regulation, you are at the mercy of your own whims. Rather than being the master of your life, you are a slave to stimulation.

A life worth living is one where you are in control. Without proper dopamine regulation, you will have little to no control and be a slave to your desires.

A world of overstimulation

It's no secret that modern people spend too much time lounging about and not enough time doing productive things. This is ultimately the downfall of people, and it's all because they wanted more dopamine.

When you learn about dopamine, you will see that those around you who struggle are most likely struggling due to something with dopamine. Rather than going down the same path, do yourself the favor of learning how to maintain a balance between pleasure and work.

- Karl