I grew up without a masculine role model to look up to when I needed guidance.


When I was a growing boy, there was nobody to show me how to handle things as a man. This led to me growing up quite feminine, weak-willed, and submissive. Needless to say, I was an absolute doormat and would bend however the wind blew.


I missed out on crucial life skills such as:

  • emotional management
  • conflict resolution
  • how to handle women
  • decisiveness
  • decision making
  • thinking for myself
  • How to be disciplined






Exactly what I wanted to not be. Yet there I was.


Unable to stop my emotions from controlling me


Unable to obtain the girls I wanted


Folding at the slightest sign of conflict


Sacrificing myself for the sake of others


And, worst of all, wasting away in video games waiting for life to happen.


Unfortunately for me, I wouldn't learn my lesson until it was too late.



A Rocky Start

I had nobody around me that understood what I was going through. Everybody looked so damn happy, while I was wasting away in self-pity over what once was.


That was to be expected though. I was the only one in my community going through what I went through.


My life began like any other boy's. Full of energy, always wanting to play, getting into trouble more than I should have, and a love for sweets.


School was great, I had good friends, and life was enjoyable. I'd spend my weeks going to school, doing schoolwork, and watching cartoons. On the weekends, I'd finally get to play video games and you bet I got my fill.



Everything was great. Everything was going fantastically. Then, everything changed in 2008. Everything changed when I woke up in the hospital.


I had no idea what happened. I had no idea why I was there. All I knew, was that I couldn't feel or move my legs.


It wouldn't take long before I found out that I had been in a motor vehicle accident. And while things did get better from there, it never went back to how it used to be. 


From that moment, I knew things would be different.



A Typical Teenager

I had zero motivation to do anything, aside from doing well in school so I didn't have to repeat a grade. My only expectations on me were to do the bare minimum. That meant doing well in school and not doing anything illegal.


Rather than spending my time doing anything remotely productive, I'd spend the time necessary to finish my homework, then hop right onto video games as soon as possible to play with my friends. 


Reading a book? I hated doing that. Exercise? I'm not eating like a pig, so there's no point.


The only things I was motivated to pursue in those days were mastery of video games, spending time with my friends, and the girls I was interested in. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't really good at any of those things.


This was the pattern I followed all the way up to high school graduation. 


Put simply, I wasn't challenged at all, and I didn't excel at anything. But rather than being disturbed by my lack of skill and daily challenges,...



I saw absolutely nothing wrong with it



With no masculine role model to guide me coupled with nobody encouraging me to push my limits, I became soft and entitled. I expected everything to come as easily as it did in high school. After all, high school was meant to prepare me for real life, right?

Life has a way of teaching you important lessons


Out with high school and in with the hard knocks. I learned very quickly that life is nowhere near as cushy as high school, but the lessons you learn are much more... effective.


College was so difficult for me that my health started deteriorating, both mentally and physically. I dropped out and within the first week of that, I learned the lesson my school-hating brain had been trying to teach me for years.


I very quickly learned that a 9 - 5 job wouldn't cut it for me, and every time I even thought about going back to college, I would be hit with a nauseating wave of stress.


Now, I'm not saying this for you to drop out of school. What I am saying is this:


In life, there are important lessons we all learn. Whether we want to or not, they come our way and we learn.


What I didn't know is just how harsh life can be with your important lessons.


You see, if you don't get it the first time around, life will repeatedly try to teach you the lesson. Each time, however, life will hit harder and harder.


Because I had nobody to guide me when I was younger, I made plenty of mistakes. However, I thought there was nothing wrong with it. I was doing exactly as I was taught to do, so there was no way it wouldn't work, right?


This is the mentality I held onto. Nothing went wrong with how I was handling it, so I might as well not change anything. That is, until one day when I saw very clearly that I was doing something wrong.





I saw her getting fucked by another man



In high school, I experienced multiple rejections. The first one did nothing to alert me to my methods. Neither did the second. It was only after the third one that I thought to re-examine my approach.


Despite my unknown lack of finesse, I still somehow managed to land myself a girlfriend. Adorable, sweet, short-stack of an Asian girl with a British accent. Things went well in the beginning, and I thought that this might finally be what I was looking for. I had finally found the one I had been raised to believe was out there for me.


Teeny, tiny problem. One day, I received a "surprise" from her. One that any man would agree they wouldn't want to receive.



I had done everything I was taught to do in my relationship with her. Everything I was told would make it work.


Yet on that day, my girlfriend had a look of bliss on her face from being fucked by another man.


A muscular, in-shape man who had his life in order and knew how to be good with women


Compared to that..


I was skinny fat, had horrible mental health, and didn't know the first thing about how to be good with women



For a brief moment, I felt myself being destroyed inside. It's hard to describe, but it felt like something was simultaneously being torn apart and imploding at the same time.


It was at that moment I knew that I was doing something wrong. Everything I had been taught on how to handle myself as a man as well as how to handle women had to go through re-evaluation.


Something had to change, and I was done waiting for life to happen.


That was the beginning of my self-improvement journey


I went back to the drawing board with one focus in my mind:



Become the type of man who a woman would never even dream of cheating on.


I wanted to have it all:


The hot women


The physique


The low-stress lifestyle


Impeccable mental health


Become more extraverted


Respect amongst other men 


This drive led me to begin this journey, and the results have been amazing so far.



Mental health through the roof, more muscular than ever, respect from others I can feel, and having conversations as if it were second nature to me.


I haven't reached my end goal yet, and still these results have done wonders for me. 





The compilation of what I've learned on my journey


Personally knowing just how difficult the journey can be, I want to at least equip you with the tools to make the journey less strenuous.

The masculine foundations bootcamp is designed to streamline the process of male self-improvement by showing you how to build a solid foundation that you can build upon later which will allow you to easily build yourself into the man you envision yourself to become.

The content included is four years' worth of self-improvement distilled down into the most foundational lessons, taught over 4 months.

Here's what's in the bootcamp:


Phase 1 (Weeks 1 - 6):

An introduction to the pillars of a strong foundation and diving right into the first pillar, mental health, so you can get results as soon as week 2


Phase 2 (Weeks 7 - 11):

We go into the second pillar, physical health, where you learn how to create a physique you can be proud of while also learning how to make the results sustainable.


Phase 3 (Weeks 12 - 16):

We dive into the third pillar, social skills, where we equip you with the tools necessary for you to become more socially savvy as well as the tools for obtaining healthy relationships.


Free bonuses included:


Guide to goal setting and Scheduling:

A guide to making goals and a schedule that will allow you to effectively set goals, achieve what you set out to do, and slot them into your daily life.


Masculine Core habits list & Principles of a masculine habit:

A list of habits for you to choose from that will help shape you into a more refined man, or if you'd prefer to add your own, the principles of what constitutes a masculine habit. These habits are designed to replace your less productive habits and streamline the self-improvement process even further.


Productivity Pitfalls:

Ever wondered why you've always struggled with maintaining good habits and dropping bad ones? Productivity pitfalls goes into detail on why you may be struggling with either of these and how to fix it.


Roadblock'd no more:

A very short guide on how to overcome your mental roadblocks in a way that gives you more energy rather than draining you of energy.


Additional Features in the bootcamp

Weekly Assignments

Weekly assignments & challenge assignments designed to cement what you learn and get your progress rolling so you can see results as soon as possible

Weekly 1-on-1 Calls

Weekly calls scheduled through calendly for you to ask any questions, go over any plans you may have for yourself, and to go over weekly lessons

24/7 Personal phone & email support access

24/7 access to my personal phone & email with any questions you may have outside of our calls


  • Masculine Foundations Bootcamp (worth $1415 CAD)

  • Scheduling & Goal Setting Guide (worth 20$)

  • Masculine Core Habits list & Principles of a masculine habit (worth 25$)

  • Productivity Pitfalls (worth 25$)

  • Roadblock'd No More (worth 25$)

Total Value: $1510 CAD



Even though it may be worth this price, I won't be charging you this amount.

Not even half.

Not even a quarter.

I so firmly believe in how powerful this is that I'm only going to charge you 10% of the total value.

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