Getting in shape has never been easier

fitness Oct 14, 2023
Getting in shape has never been easier

Raise your hand if you've ever struggled with getting in shape. With so much information, it can seem like an impossible challenge to achieve that dream body. However, I'm here to tell you today that getting in shape has never been easier. It just requires a proper process which I'll be outlining for you today.

Today, I'll be telling you how you can easily get in shape so you can:

  1. Look and feel more confident
  2. Live life more fully and radiantly
  3. Never have to worry about excess weight gain

If it sounds too good to be true, you've just never used a method that makes something like child's play before. If you're ready to turn fat burning into an effortless afterthought, read on!

Who should get in shape effortlessly?

Before diving in, I want to quickly mention: that if you have trouble gaining weight, please do not use this method. Those who want to go from skinny to a healthy weight will find themselves undereating with this method. My next post will be for those who want to go from skinny to filled-out or those who want to gain more muscle. This method is more for those who want to go from overweight to a healthy weight.

The Method: overview

The main tenet of this method is that you end up eating less simply because you are less hungry. Unlike a calorie-restriction diet, this method follows what is known as caloric dilution.

This concept basically means that you lose body fat without getting hungrier or having to intentionally lower the amount of calories you eat.

The catch that makes it work is instead of restricting how much you eat, you restrict what you eat. This isn't too hard. I've been on this method for a while now, and it works very well to the point where I only eat once a day and I don't get hungry or light-headed.

From my experience, the steps below are what you want to follow for this method.

Getting in shape easy: the steps

The steps for this method are as follows:

  1. Preparing for the journey
  2. Beginning the journey
  3. Burning the fat
  4. Keeping it off

Step 1: Preparing for the journey

To properly get in shape, we need to do the proper prep work first. Namely, you need to make sure the food you're eating will properly accommodate this method and that you don't transition too fast.

You'll want to make a list with two columns. One column will be the food that you'll be removing from your diet, while the other side will be the food that will be part of it.

For the foods that you remove, any food that is sugary, processed, or both needs to go. These are the kinds of food that make being hungry extremely easy.

Any other food that you deem worthy of removal will be the foods that make you want to eat more and more. Some examples may include bread or fruits, but it will depend on you a lot.

For the food that will be part of your diet, you'll want to choose foods that are high-quality. Foods that are fibrous or high in protein, foods that have a good amount of dietary fat, and foods that are as natural as can be will be your best choices here.

As for the transition itself, this will depend a lot on how you've been eating beforehand.

People who want to get in shape tend to eat too many carbs. I can tell you from my past experiences, carb withdrawal is a thing but it's not debilitating. For these reasons, I am telling you to not go too fast.

In general, moving too fast too soon will only complicate things and make them harder. If you're ready to go cold turkey, then dive right in. If you're not, I recommend making the transition more of a gradual process.

Step 2: Beginning the journey to getting in shape easily

Now that you've done the prep work, let's talk about the immediate next steps.

First, make sure you've got the food you will be eating while clearing out the food you won't. This will make it a lot easier for you to stay on course.

It's a lot better to not have to use willpower than to have to use it. Think of your willpower as an emergency power supply: only use it when it's absolutely necessary!

Second, have a few ideas of meals to have based on what foods you can eat with your new diet. Just because you've restricted what you can eat, there's no reason for it to be boring and bland.

Enjoying food is just as important as the quality of the ingredients and how healthy it is overall. Being on a new diet is no reason to remove that joy from your life.

Third, it's time to make that transition. This will be the hardest part, as old habits do indeed die hard and those old habits will be haunting you quite a bit.

The way I started my journey with this method was by transitioning to a 60% fat 40% protein diet from a diet that was roughly 33% on fat protein and carbs. It was tough, but it was worth it. 

If you can make the transition work, then you'll have completed the hardest part and will be on your way to effortless weight loss.

Step 3: Burning the fat

So, good news and bad news on this part. The good news is the fat will come off easily. The bad news is it will be a little bit slower.

The fat-burning process with this method is designed to make it more sustainable. By not forcing your body to burn fat, the fat burns at a more leisurely pace for your body.

The benefit of this is you won't suffer from a slower metabolism. The downside is the process will be slower. In this way, getting in shape becomes more sustainable.

If you wish to speed up the process, you can incorporate fasting and exercise. Personally, I would recommend cardio to be the last thing added.

The number one thing that influences how quickly you lose weight is what you put in your mouth. If you go for a period of time putting nothing in your mouth, then you will lose weight.

The next thing that influences fat loss is how much energy you consume.

For me, fasting required me to shift my diet from 60% fat, and 40% protein to 40% fat, and 60% protein. Because dietary fat contains quite a lot of energy per gram, if I continued to eat so much of it, I'd have a much slower fat-loss process.

The swap to a higher protein intake not only allows me to lose fat more easily, it also makes me less hungry throughout my fasting.

Step 4: Staying in shape easily

Once you've gotten into shape, it's time to stay that.

Keeping with my example, once the fat is off and there's not much left for my body to use for energy, it's time for a swap back. My diet of 60% protein and 40% fat will be swapped back to 40% protein and 60% fat.

When you're in shape, your body needs more energy from the food that you eat. Since there isn't as much left in storage, you have to bring in more to keep your body satisfied.

Keep sticking to the foods that you've determined will be part of your diet, just make the adjustment so you're now getting enough energy to maintain your body. Once you've lost the fat, it's a lot easier to keep it off.

The other important thing to do is to keep exercising. About 70% of the calories you burn are from just existing, and muscle contributes to this.

Staying active is important for maintaining your muscles and your mental well-being. The more you can maintain your body, the better off you will be in both realms.


To optimize getting into and staying in shape, you want to keep a few things in mind.

  1. When in doubt, eat more protein. It's filling and nobody will complain if you eat more
  2. Eat enough dietary fat. Eating fat won't make you fat.
  3. Carbs are not the enemy, but they can be. If you can't lose weight while eating carbs, reduce them.

Getting in shape truly has always been this easy

Yes, it's not an extremely easy process, but compared to semi-starvation and calorie counting it's a whole hell of a lot better. The best part of this process is it's a sustainable method that can be done throughout your life.

All that's left for me to say is to stay on course and you'll get there before you know it. 

- Karl